My name is Becky Pell, and I'm a clinically trained Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Coach. In this school you'll find courses to enhance your life, health, happiness and overall wellbeing, grounded in years of practice, study and research.

Client testimonials

I cannot express enough how happy it makes me that you are doing these online sessions! Your teaching style is magic and I feel very grateful for the opportunity to take your classes.

Thanks a lot Becky for your advice - it has greatly helped me.

You are a superstar! Thank you very much.

Thank you for a great session - I found it extremely useful and inspiring.

Thank you for showing me that there can be a beautiful balance. You have inspired me to not only get off of my ass and make something of myself but also to get back into yoga & meditation and make it part of my life as it should be. 

I would strongly vouch for Becky and have full confidence that many others will benefit from her input.